Miramar Heat Pump Repair

Miramar Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

miramar heat pump repair

Miramar Heat Pump Repair

Miramar heat pump repair is necessary on devices like heat pumps, that use a minimum amount of energy to allocate heat from one specific location to another. The usual use for heat pumps installed in a Florida home or office would be to transfer heat out of the air and the ground to heat the inside of a building (heating cycle). They are also used as Miramar air conditioning by transferring heat from the inside of the building to the outside (cooling cycle).
Types of Heat Pumps Available to South Florida Residential and

Commercial Clients

There are many different types of heat pumps which all use the principle of heat transfer for their operation. Heat transfer is basically pulling heat from a source like the air into a heat sink like a building. Some of the different types of Miramar heat pumps are: air source units, ground source, absorption, mini split systems. There are also geothermal systems and reverse cycle chillers. Our Miramar air conditioning repair technicians
Heat pumps come in a wide array of styles and from a number of manufacturers so naturally the prices range from relatively low to very high. More often than not installation costs must also be included in the overall price of the unit. so avoid Miramar heat pump repair calls by having regular maintenance performed.

How Much Does Miramar Heat Pump Repair Cost?

Remember that a furnace is not required when you install one of these units. A small air source Miramar heat pump window unit used to heat or cool a small room can cost between $500 and $1500. On the other end of the spectrum the full installation of a geothermal heat pump will cost between $10,000 and $25,000 depending on the cost of the unit and installation expenses. It should also be noted that depending on the unit and installation the heat pump will require additional maintenance annually. We carry all major heat pump and Miramar air conditioning brands, so do not fear that we will not have teh perfect fit for your situation. We are also always available for emergency air conditioning repair Miramar.

Federal Tax Credits Available

These costs however can be offset by federal tax credits if the heat pump is an energy efficient unit and will qualify for $300 to $2000 in savings. Energy and utility companies also offer rebates on energy efficient models which will also reduce the cost of the heat pump substantially.
Heat pumps are generally a more energy efficient way of heating buildings because they transfer heat instead of generating it which means great cost savings when compared to alternative means of heating. Call our team today and we will show you how your family can benefit from these extraordinary technologies.